How much are your property management fees?

Base Commission – % of rental income (incl. GST). From time to time you may incur specific additional fees for services such as professional photography, advertising your property on allhomes.com.au and inventory and condition reports.

How often do you conduct inspections of my property once the tenant has moved in?

Bolton & Co conducts 1 inspection within the first month of the tenancy, and 1 every 6 months thereafter, as set out in Standard Residential Tenancy Terms.

How does Bolton & Co conduct my property’s entry condition report?

We take photographs and highlight any areas of the property which are damaged in any way. We conduct a small brief of each room. The tenant must sign 3 copies of the entry condition report. The landlord, tenant and Bolton & Co each receive 1 copy. We return to this report when the tenant is vacating the property.

How often does Bolton & Co pay you (the owner) the rental income?

We pay once a month – at the end of the month, via electronic fund transfer (EFT) to the owner’s nominated bank account, or we can supply a bank cheque.

What bills does your service cover?

The tenant pays rent, in most cases fortnightly. We don’t charge an extra fee to pay the expenses attached to your property, including rates, water or maintenance on the property.

What is the protocol for carrying out maintenance on my property? What if the tenant causes damage to my property?

We organise maintenance on your property in line with the owner’s instructions on the Managing Agent’s Form. This form is completed at the commencement of property management. The tenant is required to report any property maintenance directly to us. We then conduct an inspection before contacting the owner to discuss an appropriate course of action. If the landlord wishes to carry out the maintenance themselves or elects to use their own tradespeople, we can facilitate this on agreement with the tenant.

What if a tenant gives notice to vacate the property?

We notify the landlord and ask if they would like the property to be re-let, we discuss the rental amount and provide advice in relation to a rental increase. We advertise the property on allhomes.com.au and conduct an open house at the property. We also discuss with the landlord any applications we receive for tenancy and the final decision rests with them.

What if a tenant breaks their lease?

If the tenant gives notice they will be vacating the property before the end of their fixed term our first point of call is to notify the landlord to discuss the available options. We then re-advertise the property. The tenant can also advertise the property, however, any applications must be approved by the landlord. The current tenant must pay rent on the property until a suitable new tenant is found, or a reasonable amount of time has passed.