Property Management Services

Managing a property can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. At Bolton & Co, we provide a premier service to our owners as our property management team takes the hassle out of owning an investment property. We know your property is a valuable asset and we aim to achieve the best return on it year after year. You can count on our local knowledge and expertise to handle your property with care.

At Bolton we do more than collect rent. We offer great customer service and value for money, so if you are you seeking a Property Management team that minimises the stress, ensures your investment grows and communicates effectively with you, then contact us today.

Our service includes:

  • Quality property management services

  • We maintain a low ‘average days to let up’ on our portfolio

  • A complete marketing package when listing your property

  • Attention to detail property assessments

  • Securing and signing new tenants

  • Rent collection and arrears management

  • Monthly and annual financial statements

  • Regular property inspections

  • Management of responsive maintenance

  • Annual tenant rent increases

  • Payment of all statutory invoices on your behalf


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How much are your property management fees?

Base Commission – % of rental income (incl. GST). From time to time you may incur specific additional fees for services such as professional photography, advertising your property on and inventory and condition reports.

How often do you conduct inspections once a tenant has moved in?

We conduct inspections every 6 months or as otherwise required in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Terms.

How does Bolton & Co conduct my property's entry condition report?

We take a comprehensive set of photos of the property and highlight any areas of concern, we also write a description of each room and significant features of the property. The tenant must sign 3 copies of the entry condition report. The landlord, tenant and Bolton & Co each receive 1 copy. We return to this report when the tenant is vacating the property.

How often is the rental income paid to the owner?

We pay once a month – at the end of the month, via electronic fund transfer (EFT) to the owner’s nominated bank account.

What bills does your service cover?

Property related expenses from rental income is a service we offer.  This includes rates, water or maintenance on the property.

What is the protocol for carrying out maintenance on my property?

We organise maintenance on your property in line with the owner’s instructions on the Managing Agent’s Form. This form is completed at the commencement of property management. The tenant is required to report any property maintenance directly to us. We also check for items requiring maintenance at the 6 monthly inspections.  We then contact the owner to discuss an appropriate course of action.

What if the tenant causes damage to my property?

In the event of accidental or malicious damage caused by the tenant or their guests, this will be the responsibility (and cost) of the tenant to repair and return the property to the condition it was originally leased.  It’s always best practice to check the conditions of the landlord insurance policies to determine whether accidental and malicious damage are covered as many policies don’t cover both.

What if a tenant gives notice to vacate the property?

We notify the landlord and ask if they would like the property to be re-let, we discuss the rental amount and provide advice in relation to a rental increase. We advertise the property on and conduct an open house at the property. We also discuss with the landlord any applications we receive for tenancy and the final decision rests with them.

What if a tenant breaks their lease?

The current tenant will generally pay rent on the property until a suitable new tenant is found.

“Thank you to…the whole Bolton & Co team for always being helpful and professional.”